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Stray Cat Saves Freezing Abandoned Baby in Russia

masha-cat-600In the faraway town of Obninsk in Kaluga, Russia, the neighborhood stray cat rescued… an abandoned baby… left in an apartment stairwell… in freezing weather. The fact that the cat’s name was reported to be Marsha told me that something was not quite right.

Marsha? What was this, the Brady Bunch?

Sure enough, it was Masha. Poor stray cat. Couldn’t get any respect like celebrity Grumpy Cat, and here was a feline who actually did something worthy of press coverage. Good Masha.

Curled around the baby boy, the cat kept him warm and meowed her Three-month-old-child-saved-by-tabby-cat-Masha-Image-coourtesy-Mirror.Co_.UK_heart out, alerting others to the situation at hand. Neighbors came to investigate and found a few-month-old baby left out in the cold.

What’s up with that?

Nobody knows the whole story and there is a search underway for the parents.

So the big, fluffy, tabby cat saved the day. Her strong, maternal instinct caused her to follow the paramedics taking the baby outside to the ambulance. There in the snow Masha stood watch, ensuring that the baby would come to no harm on her watch.

What a sweetheart.

If more human beings acted like loving cats and dogs, rather than fighting like cats and dogs, the world might just be a better place.


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  1. avatar ap says:

    Well …. what happened to the cat?! and the baby?

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