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Stress, Exhaustion, and Poor Choices

thWe are the sandwich generation, squeezed between the issues of needy kids and needy parents. Which leads me to ask: where’s the beef?

Where are those who can wear the big boy or big girl pants and do mature things, even in the midst of the storms of life?

We all know about stress—loved ones with serious ailments, financial crises, kids who flip out, mates to CT and MRI scans  Tips for coping with stressfizzle out—it takes its toll. We can’t control others, but we can control ourselves.

Yes, we can.

Comfort doesn’t come in the form of anything that’s going to make it worse. An affair, a pill, a bottle, overeating, rages, revenge, dropping out or overworking might not make the root situation worse, but it makes the symptoms worse.

thAnd that solves nothing.

It’s time to talk it out, pray it through, keep calm and carry on. Better days are ahead if you can hold tight now.

Even when everything around you might seem to be collapsing, that’s no reason to lose sight of “you”, the you who is bigger and better than this. Start taking steps how to improve your life while relieving the stress and exhaustion.repression1

Get a job. Start a daily, set schedule. Exercise. Pray. Eat healthy. Exercise. Don’t attack others. Have family times. Avoid stimulants or depressants.

You can deal. You can cope. You can move forward with your dignity intact.

No matter what your past patterns, character counts. Stop reverting to an old set-point that no longer serves you. Begin to build a new life of integrity even during intense times.

Straight and steady will get you where you want to go.


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