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Stretching for More in Home and Business

stretchAre you ready to snap? Welcome to the rubber band life, where stretching is the only way to take new territory. Your average parent doesn’t like the idea of stretch marks, whether in the physical body through birth, in your wallet and sense of privacy through invasive adoption costs and questions, or the later psychic stretch as kids grow up. It might be in your career, where you’re expected to learn more, gain more clients, move outside the comfort zone in team-building and trail-blazing.

Too much stretching and you snap. Not enough stretching and you stagnate. You become brittle and bound to the brain-exercises-300x225past.

Today, learn something new. Stretch into something slightly beyond your abilities. Be willing to grow and adapt. Life is more than “Us four and no more”.

There’s a whole world out there that needs you.


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