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Summer Road Trip Tips

family-road-tripOurs is a family on the move… as are most these days. With unique schedules, we’re not as tied down to school holidays and breaks as many families with children experience. But if you’re one of the millions about to head for the hills, or the beach, or the city this summer, we can help with just a few of our many road-trip tips just for you.

We log more miles in trains, planes, automobilies or rickshaws than any family I know. So listen or not, however, this might make your excursion to your summer vacation destination just a bit more bearable….

  1. Some kind of food. Whether they are snacks, sandwiches or Slim Jims—whatever works for yoursnacks family. Raw veggies and dip are nice, while other armies march on chips and Cokes. Easier than stopping right and left for burgers and fries.
  1. Plan regular rest stops… and make everyone go. It might be just to stretch their legs, hopefully they will use the facilities, as well. Otherwise, you’ll be stopping two minutes later. That’s how it worked when they were toddlers and not much changes when they’re teens.Cushion-Source-pillows
  1. Take pillows. And lightweight fleece blankets. The comfier the kids are, the better. Okay, forget the kids. Be comfy yourself, lol-!
  1. Bring along materials to read, or for them to color. I always have plenty of work with me to do before, during or after any fun. But I’m not a big fan of electronics, no matter how quiet they can keep the children. Occasionally, unplug and talk. I guess that would go for adults, too, lol, but we’re often better at multi-tasking.
  1. Use a mobile app like Waze or Apple Maps. These can apple_maps_1-720x4501help by alerting to upcoming traffic jams and alternate routes. Worth its weight in gold.  And of course, cruise control is your friend.
  1. Carry water, bowls and doggy treats for your furry friends. Even if it won’t be a long trip, things happen that might delay you. Be prepared.

There you go: be prepared. If it works for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, it will work for you. Happy travels!


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