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Summer Slowdown in the Fast Lane

summertime1My family seems to think that summertime is for having fun. While I undertake two grad programs, work, supervise four kids with crazy schedules, make time for one husband and two needy dogs, and shuttle between homes, they’re interested in non-stop fun. I’ve found myself playing along… and then getting back to business.

What are we up to? The usual summertime pleasures:

  1. Long, lingering talks around the table. Everyone’s more relaxed, ready to joke and laugh.
  1. Watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe. Yum!
  1. Ice cream. Normally I’m on the wagon, however, I admit to one kiddie-sized cup to join the ice_creamothers in an end-of-summer celebration.
  1. Movies- movies- movies. I thought we would be cutting-back on fun, at-home films with our eldest in year-round college and having major deadlines during this next month and corresponding with my own deadline schedule, but no…. So I sit with them and continue pecking away at the laptop.
  1. Yard-WorkTalking about deep subjects with my daughters. One is opening up more and more as I pass her silly notes with questions where she can check off crazy responses and write-in other comments.
  1. Home fix-up projects for the elderly. While the oldest works, the three youngest take the odd day here and there to help retirees with household projects inside and out. I wonder if anyone wants to take them for a week. I also wonder if they want to do any projects around our house….

But some days, I have to cut back, take a pass, and get back to work. They go to the beach, eat thcorn-on-the-cob, and make plans to resume some backyard camping once the temperatures drop a bit.

I try to exercise, stay sane, think of myself occasionally, and toil away while appearing not to be a stick-in-the-mud.  The occasional visit to a sidewalk cafe in for an early-morning coffee with Benedetto keeps me going.

Summer comes but once a year, might as well enjoy it. What have you been up to?


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