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Super Bowl Blahs

upstad11950One day we may be labelled anti-American.  Our family can never remember when the Super Bowl is happening until it’s upon us.

My husband played football in college, so he enjoys watching the college games, but pro ball has never been his thing.  The kids understand only slightly how football is played, and for me, I wouldn’t mind watching some of the new commercials unveiled, but I simply don’t have time.

Along with travel and a packed schedule, it’s usually Sunday afternoon before we realize:  there’s a game tonight.

“Should we get some chips?” our oldest asks, all excited because this would not be an everyday occurrence in our family.cornChips

“They’re probably sold-out,” I remind him of years previous, happening upon a grocery store at 9:00 pm on a Sunday night and it suddenly dawns on us that there are no chips anywhere.

“We have chips at home,” my husband texts from another car.

“We do?” Petya texts back, surprised over the secret stash.  “Nachos!”

“Wait a minute,” I intervene, “we need other ingredients….”

Our plans include stopping at a convenience store on the way when we get gas.

“What do we need?” Benedetto meets me at the gas ‘n’ go, “cheese?”

nachosI run over the list of what is required for bona fide nachos.  He ignores me, because naturally, these ingredients are not found in a convenience store and we have no time for grocery stores because we have another meeting before any televisions will be tuned to the game.

I give up.  This happens every year.

Hours pass.  We’re done with the meeting.  The family has a late dinner.  Benedetto makes his cheese-and-chip “nachos”.  Our kids are no gourmands, they’d eat a dry chip if you put it in front of them.  They tune in just after half-time, deciding to watch a small TV on the floor, rather than a big-screen that’s at a higher elevation.

I have no idea why.  There must be some strange attraction to lying on the floor and eating chips.  Sort of like an indoor IMG_0011campout.  Must be a guy thing.  So the guy dogs, our Scotties, become involved, as well.

Misha stands right in front of the TV.

“Misha, move!” everyone urges him.

They try to push him out of the way and he thinks they’re scratching his back and rubbing his face.  He leans in and enjoys the attention, moving not an inch, except for moving a different part of his anatomy toward anyone willing to scratch him.  Grisha begins to growl and play-bark, he feels so neglected.

IMG_1570“Grisha, be quiet!  Come over here!” They grab him and wrestle him out of the way, hustling he and Misha off the premises and into their laps.

The dogs try to sniff around for stray chips when a touchdown or two are scored and cheers go up.  The family claps and the dogs wag.  A good time is had by all, proper snacks or not.

Maybe next year we’ll get it together.

Maybe not.

What did you do/not do for Super Bowl?



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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    While our family would prefer that Super Bowl Sunday be moved to Super Bowl Monday, we make do. If you tend to forget the date why not gather some New Year’s snacks and then you’ll be ready whenever it happens that year? We go with the traditional stuff like BBQ chicken wings, chips, popcorn, carrot and celery sticks if you must. Some of the entertainment we can live without like your family.

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