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Super-Lice, Simple Cure

pThey’re baaaack…. Super-lice are rumbling in half of the United States, some report, and coming soon to a city or town near you. As though these crazy storms were not enough….

What makes them “super” is their apparent resistance to the majority of medications and chemicals which worked only 15 years ago. The lice will not go quickly, unless you know how to kick them to the curb once and for all.

It’s not hard, it’s not difficult, it’s not beyond your reach to get rid of lice, super-lice, or any creepy-crawly on your head. I’ve said it before: read my lips. It’s mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise makes lice go bye-bye in no time flat.p

The youngest of our daughters, Sashenka, came home from Russia with a lice infestation that would probably make the current rash of super-lice pale in comparison…. Cute, blond hair teeming with live critters. After becoming weak-kneed and nearly fainting since I had never seen lice in my entire life, this is what we did.

First, you need to spot them. Part the hair and examine close to the scalp. You may see adult lice moving, nymphs (baby lice), or eggs (also called nits – yellow, brown or tan dots). Very few ever experience the massive infestation that we saw in our daughter. pSo if this worked for us, you also can get rid of lice now.

Tools needed: wide-toothed comb, fine-toothed comb, full-fat mayonnaise, shower cap, towel. This easy lice cure will cost you under $5 at the dollar store, maybe more if you need a larger jar of mayo from the grocery store.

1. Buy a jar or tub of mayo, full fat, cheap is fine. You want the oil which also means you could use olive oil, but mayo is easy to handle, in my opinion. Do not use reduced-fat mayo.p

2. Comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb— make sure there are no tangles or knots.

3. Slather the mayo all over the child’s head (or the adult’s head, doesn’t matter. The only caveat is for those under school age who may want to taste the mayo… it can go rancid at room temperature and hopefully, will be full of lice, so you don’t want anyone eating it-!). Start at the scalp. Put big gobs over every square inch—you want the entire scalp covered in a good layer


of mayonnaise. You are basically smothering the lice.

4. Working from the scalp outward to the bottom of every strand of hair, cover every bit of hair with copious amounts of mayo. Not a little dab. Make the hair look like it’s covered in white whipped cream. Do not neglect the back of the neck or behind the ears where lice like to hide.

5. Cover with a shower cap. If the child wants, you can make a towel turban over that. Leave the mayo and shower cap on the head for at least 4 hours. You could easily do this overnight or while the child is at home. No big deal.

6. At the end of this time, rinse out the mayo from the hair (hair will still be very oily and easier to comb). Put a towel over the shoulders and comb your child’s hair with a wide-toothed comb if longer, or just go straight to the fine-toothed comb. From the scalp, move down each section of hair from root to end, physically combing out and thereby removing all eggs (nits) from the hair shaft. Part and comb repeatedly from every angle.Get Healthy Hair Tips- Brush Your Hairfashionstyle4girls.blogspot.com

7. Shampoo several times to remove oil.

8. Repeat process every 3-4 days for 1-2 weeks. We did it twice, 3 days apart, but then I am very thorough. The eggs will hatch within 1-2 weeks, so you want to ensure that they are physically removed by the fine-toothed comb. Should a nit hatch, there will be a white or clear shell remaining attached to the hair near the scalp.

9. Vacuum everything repeatedly, as well—carpeting, couches, etc. Put all pillows, bedding and stuffed animals in the washer or even dryer on high heat. Keep in mind that lice can survive up to 2 days off of the scalp.

That’s it. Treat the head 2 or 3 times with mayo. And in the future, don’t be sharing hats, brushes, or engaging in hugging or any other head-to-head activities. Easy, peasy, over and out.


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