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Sweet and Sour Anniversary Expressions

IMG_0603A friend of ours made a triple-layer anniversary cake for us and a gathering of friends—I didn’t even know that she could bake “official cakes”! A bit of coconut in the frosting and a cake that tasted almost angel-food-like—pretty apropos under the circumstances, right?

The love, the labor, it was so sweet. Plus, our kids gobbled down the leftovers for days following….

On the sour side, I came across a funny quote that summed up how many couples feel as the years pass:

“Marriage is like a game of cards. In the beginning, you just need two hearts, andPlaying_Cards a diamond. By the end, you wish you’d been dealt a club…and a spade.”

Oh my. Well, at least it made Benedetto laugh out loud.

Keep laughing, keep enjoying, sometimes sweet and sour can be a winning combination.


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  1. avatar abby says:

    Sweet and sour – very appropriate term. I like it! Happy anniversary – you deserve to celebrate.

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