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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!


I Could Have Had Sauce???

The other day I picked up a frozen meal from the grocery store. Now, keep in mind that 99% of the food in our family is home cooked. It might be past midnight and I don’t go to bed until I get up and turn off the pot of whatever is simmering on the stove….


Monday Mottoes – #162

Winston Churchill, born into an aristocratic family, experienced his own fair share of struggles. As Lord Admiral of the British Navy during WWI, he took responsibility for the Battle of Gallipoli, a bold plan which the Navy did not implement, but resulted in his resignation. In his absence from political office, Churchill wrote about the…


Monday Mottoes – #161

We have come through the hurricane, the storm, the wind, the rain and the rising flood waters. The aftermath and the cleanup in the Southeastern US continues as rivers continue to crest for the next several days. Those of us who have survived storms understand that vigilance is required for three phases: pre-storm preparation, how…


Inward Strength to Withstand Stress

I was never one to watch Star Wars, but the fictional Jedi Master Yoda apparently dispensed his wisdom throughout. If ever there is a need for wisdom, it’s for our generation that has been ruled by mindsets such as, “If it feels good — do it”, “Go with the flow”, stemming out of an even…


Stretching for More in Home and Business

Are you ready to snap? Welcome to the rubber band life, where stretching is the only way to take new territory. Your average parent doesn’t like the idea of stretch marks, whether in the physical body through birth, in your wallet and sense of privacy through invasive adoption costs and questions, or the later psychic…


Monday Mottoes – #153

In light of the Rio Olympics, I felt led to take today’s inspirational quote from a former competitor. After all, Olympians know about winning in life and what it takes to achieve against incredible odds. The athletes must possess motivation, determination and stamina. Many of them rise long before dawn to gain access to playing…


Monday Mottoes – #134

There’s something about rising early. Not, of course, if you’ve stayed up late the night before. Also, not if you’ve stayed up for days on end. But in general, I don’t believe we should be lying in bed all day. Take a nap later on if you must, just get up, preferably, early in the…


Monday Mottoes – #131

 Words matter more than most of us realize. We think thoughts, speak words, and then act on all of the above. If we can tame our speech, we can gain control in multiplied areas of life. Studies have been done linking our words with our health, our relationships, our finances, our careers. Stop the doubt…


Monday Mottoes – #124

Here’s a happy thought for a Monday morning: Life is going to knock you down or try to knock you down. The longer you lay there, on the ground, shaking your head in shock, the easier it is for the next guy to come and bulldoze right over you. Get up. Get up and dust…


Monday Mottoes – #109

Failure. It’s a hard thing to swallow, even harder to admit. Maybe a business failure, a relationship failure, a childrearing failure, an academic failure. It hurts. It stings. It paints a big “L” for loser on the forehead. Or does it? A toddler learning to walk while falling down, bumping into furniture and tripping over…