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Take a Day Off (or an Hour?)

IMG_2259I may be pushing myself too much this summer—shuttling our kids here and there, attending lectures and doing archaeological fieldwork in my spare time during long days and even longer nights, trying to accomplish some neglected reading and writing, and the odds and ends of housework overlooked for ages.  These things have a way of creeping up….

Have I walked on the beach, watching dolphins dive and waves wash in and out?  Have I enjoyed a IMG_2260juicy slice of watermelon, or the taste of a freshly-shucked ear of corn?  Have I relaxed in a chaise lounge and sipped lemonade?

That would be no, no, and no.

And as they say, “All work and no play makes Alexandra a dull lady”… or something along those lines.

IMG_2262Time to turn things around and take it easy, even if it’s in teeny, tiny steps.

Here I am, fitting in a lunch hour by the water.  Nobody else around.  Just me and nature.  Peace and quiet.  Well, Petya’s here, too, but he knows how to relax quietly, as well.  Ahh….

I would close my eyes in this shaded, sublime setting, but I might drift off to dreamy land….  And that could backfire, lol.

If you’re anything like me, why not schedule in a break or two before the summer is gone.  It’s time to recharge.


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