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Take It Viral: Meriam Ibrahim Due to be Executed

Meriam-Ibrahim_2918728bA 27-year-old wife, mother, and doctor has been sentenced to death by hanging. In jail since February, and sentenced in mid-May, Meriam Ibrahim is Sudanese and refuses to convert to Islam. Raised by a Christian mother, with a Muslim father that abandoned the family when she was a baby, Meriam has always claimed to be Christian.

She married an American Christian, which in the eyes of the Sudanese law, amounts to adultery since she’s supposed to be a save-meriam-ibrahimMuslim. Meriam, meanwhile, refuses to renounce her faith.

The doctor, along with her two-year-old son, were imprisoned. She was pregnant with her second child and suffered being shackled to the jail floor for the past four months. Meriam gave birth two days pendaison-mpiago, which the Sudanese court allowed, although they did not permit her to be taken to a hospital.

Now she will be whipped with 100 lashes for “adultery” since she did not marry a Muslim, and then hanged for not renouncing her Christian faith.

Where is the outcry of the free world? The Sudanese Embassy needs to hear from you. Immediately. Repeatedly. Let them know that the world is watching and she should be allowed to practice her faith.

Take it viral. Tell your friends. Speak out on behalf of Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan and ask for her to be granted asylum inradical.moderate.islam_ the U.S.

Embassy Of The Republic Of Sudan, 2210 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC, 20008; Tel: 202.338.8565; Fax: 202.667.2406; www.sudanembassy.org.

White House Comments line – 202-456-1111. U.S. Dept. of State – www.state.gov/contact/ or Tel – 202-647-4000.

(And while you have them on the line, don’t forget to mention bringing Saeed Abedini home, the Iranian-American Christian imprisoned for his faith in Teheran, recently pulled from the hospital, beaten until unconscious, and brutally hauled back to prison.)

You can make a difference today. Continue to pray and speak out.


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  1. avatar Cubby says:

    Did it. Thank you for printing the info that so easily could allow us to call the White House. The operator was lovely.

  2. avatar Karen says:

    Now they say that she will not be released. Probably only a “get off our back move” by the government of Sudan.

    • avatar admin says:

      I’ve heard the same, Karen. Let’s keep up the pressure by contacting the US State Dept. and White House, along with the Embassy of Sudan.

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