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Taking A Break from Buying

frantic_shopper_sHave you ever heard of people who refuse to buy anything for six months or a year?  How possible would that be?  Our kids might not be outgrowing their clothes lickety-split anymore, but they definitely make holes in their shoes.  And how would we eat?  Is eating exempted?

I would imagine we could live off of canned goods (and fresh produce should our 2’ x 2’ garden patch decide to grow this year) for… 3 or 4 days?

No, there are some things that I’ll have to buy, most likely because I’m way too busy to barter or bargain, or whatever it is these people do.  But cutting back is smart.

How about a Frivolous Buying Fast?  You know, cutting out allchristian-louboutin-black-big-stack-120-leather-pumps-product-1-925761-309669596_large_flex of the nonessential  purchases that make some of my rooms or closets look like an audition for the Hoarders TV program?

There are many items that I feel I need to buy, but maybe I’m buying in multiples a tad too much.  Scale back.  Tone it down.  Cut it out.

Alright.  Maybe I should outline how this is going to look.

1.  Food – allowed.

2.  Birthday presents – allowed.

3.  100 New Pairs of Black Shoes that look semi-identical to any black shoes I’ve bought in the past, be they pumps, platforms, or ballet flats – hmmm, gotta pray about that one.

image0034.  Gasoline – allowed.

5.  New Car – not allowed.

6.  New Clothes – not allowed, particularly since I have enough to stock several small boutiques.  Lose weight – take them in.  Gain weight – go naked.  Now, there’s incentive.

7.  New Furniture – not allowed.  Throw pillows around the floor and pretend we’re bedouins.

8.  Vacations – no can do.  Learn to relax and savor life right steinofenpizzawhere we are.  On our fast-paced lifestyle, we’ll see how long we last on this one.  Should we win the lottery, we may need to delete this, however, that would mean that we would need to purchase a lottery ticket… and we’re taking a break from buying, and certainly not going to start with the lottery.

9.  Coffee or a Meal Out – upon occasion.  I read recently that one $10 pizza every week during college could easily add up to $27,000 in retirement, given compound interest.

10.  Small Things – definitely not allowed.  As they say, the small things add up. Frankly, I feel myself drowning in things, anyway.

It might be nice to take a break from buying.  Have you ever thought about doing this?


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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Fantastic idea to cut back! Most of us have way too much stuff it’s true. Count me in (for the major things, lol)!

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    Yeah the people that do that cannot possibly have children. In the last week I’ve purchased two pair of prescription eye glasses (two different kids), and scoured the internet for a pair of sneakers that will stand up to my 10 year old for longer than 4 weeks and that he will agree to wear. I’m not even going to start listing all the plants I’ve purchased for the yard or the parts and pieces my Hubby has gotten for our “new” 18 year old boat we recently inherited. While the plants and boat parts we could go without in Wisconsin we only have a short period before the lawn and the water become rock hard.

    • avatar admin says:

      I know, Winnie, some would probably argue the thrift store/green route, but I don’t know many kids who are not brutal on the shoes. Unless they don’t fit in the first place…. One of our boys is not tremendously athletic, wears tennis shoes maybe once or twice a week, and he also goes through them in no time. Now that’s a mystery….

      The boat sounds like fun, and yes, fun will generally cost you, hah. We’ve tried the seed/seedling route on some plants and had little success, so as long as it’s not over-the-top, you only live once. Deprivation can be just as crummy as excess, sometimes.

  3. avatar Winnie says:

    Shoes are about the only thing I don’t donate to the thrift store as by the time my kids are through with them the only thing they might be good for is to recycle the rubber off the bottom! Try Keens for your hard on shoes guy. They don’t really look like typical sneakers, more of a hiking type shoe but they are close to indestructible – at least the leather ones are – can’t speak for the mesh ones. It took my oldest almost an entire school year to trash a pair and that is a record for him.

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