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Taking Classes with Your Teen

ED000964You have not experienced life to the fullest until you enroll in a class with your teen son or daughter. You have not learned how full your life used to be until you reduce yourself to tagging along with said son or daughter.

I used to be his chauffeur. Then he learned to drive. I developed an interest in the topic, myself. Then we became an unbeatable twosome, it was a team effort, and we laughed and bonded and talked all the way there and back.

Problem is, we got to know each other too much. We could read Kids-slouching-in-classroomboredom on each other’s face a mile away.

“Sit UP,” I mouthed to him in another language, so no one could catch me in my directives. “Did you shave today?”

We had driven to a remote city for a lecture, leaving the house at just after 5:00 a.m. Then we had to sit through classes all day. By lunchtime, my hand was cramping from taking notes, and my brain felt fried. His beard was growing as though he hadn’t shaved in three days. Plus, he forgot to bring forks from the takeout salads we bought along the way.

chickfila-chargrilled-chicken-garden-saladWhich meant we might have to eat the salads with our hands, another of our many experiments best kept to ourselves. The two of us were in the middle of a city, but far from any eateries. Finally, he learned that the facility’s office kitchen just might offer a plastic fork or two in their break room. That was after I had searched my voluminous purse for 15 minutes, knowing, just knowing, that I, as file_5391his mother, had to be prepared for any eventuality.

And then I felt my blood-sugar dropping. It was that after-lunch dip in energy level. I experienced difficulty focusing and began to swivel from side to side in my conference-room chair, after having forbidden all of my children from acting that way in public.

I found it to be rather fun. It perked me up a bit and kept me from passing out cold on the table before us.

That’s when I spotted my son, playing with the lever on his chair, seat 436b1d3b197be-23-1rising up… and then down… up… and then down. First he was very tall at the table… and next thing you knew… there was a little midget seated next to me.

And this was the bright kid.

“Will. you. STOP. it,” I hiss his way, while simultaneously smiling and nodding my head at the lecturer.

We were truly enjoying our lectures, we just couldn’t seem to stay awake. My hand, my brain, and my bottom felt broken, each in its own special way. And my son was feeling extremely similar, if not identical pain, at the same time.

You can’t get much more enlightened than that. This education thing was good for bonding, at the very least.


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