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Target & the Missoni Mess-up

A debacle, I say.  Study Marketing 101 and you know the drill:  if you advertise the goods, be sure you can deliver.

Well, Target messed-up bigtime in The Missoni Debacle of 2011.  Advertised for weeks ahead of the mid-September launch, Missoni’s Italian trademark zig-zag knitwear, accessories, and housewear caused the retailer’s website to go kaput, while stores sold out of the gear by high noon on the first day.  It was a month-long scheduled promotion that lasted a few minutes, if not a few hours, at best.  It made more customers angry than anything else.

No more stock.  From luggage, to shoes, to clothing, to scarves, the Missoni family’s signature style at a savings.  Only in America.  Only nowhere, since there was none to be had.

Rumor had it that whomever could scoop up the stuff did, in order to sell at a later date on eBay.  Oh, the shame of it all.

One middle-aged mom, desperate to pay off her daughter’s university costs, put some Missoni boots, originally priced at $34.99, on sale online for a mere $31,000.  Yes, that is not a typo.  Perhaps I should say they were “Missoni for Target Venetian Rainboots”, because the regular Missoni-wear cost, in my estimation, ran somewhere between 10 to 15 times the Target lower-end line.  Not 1,000 times the cost, in case housewives in Tulsa had not yet heard.  Send your kid to a state school and be done with it, woman!  And the boots were Size 10, to boot.

Personally, I like some of the more muted and modest Missoni styles–maxi skirts, jackets, sweaters.  I spend time in Italy.  Knitwear does well on motor scooters, and squeezing into crowded cafes, and leaping onto fast-moving vaporetti.

Alas, it was not to be.  Triste.



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    I don’t get the appeal of that stuff anyway – looks like an afghan my grandmother used to have on her couch. Maybe she was stylish?

    • avatar admin says:

      Exactly, Winnie, and I had a talk with tech support (B.) who added these gems of uuuugly illustrations. Some of the items are tres chic — not any that I have represented on my blog, though-! The other day we saw my MIL and she was wearing a throw around her shoulders in the zig-zag pattern. It got me to thinking: How did she wheel herself out of the old folks’ home and hit Target at the crack of dawn??? I’ll have to post a photo….

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