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Target’s $20 Million Learning Curve

Boycott TargetAh yes, upside-down and inside-out. Some twist and turn so much in an effort not to cry “Uncle!” and give up… that it becomes an even more ludicrous waste of time and money.

Witness this summer’s slump in sales at the once-great Target, whose sales and stock plummeted in light of its transgender bathrooms and dressing rooms announcement on April 19th.

Not so, not so, they cried, citing… the weather-!

And we’re not talking global warming.

In a Wall Street Journal interview, Target CEO Brian Cornell pegged the downturn in the company’s fortunes to targetboycottthe cold weather as opposed to anything the company itself is doing or not doing.

“It’s been a very wet and cold start to the year and it’s reflected in our sales,” Cornell told the paper.

Really? Really???

The retailer has lost $6 billion in stock values and its popularity rating has dropped precipitously.

But it’s not due to the fact that you may be doing your bathroom or dressing room business next to someone from the opposite sex, or someone from an unknown sex who has gender issues, yet you’re expected to be in close proximity to them while removing your clothes in a public setting…?

all-gender-bathroom-So now, just to prove they’re “listening”, Target is now catering not to the American transgender population, estimated at 0.3% of the population (and upgraded this summer to double that), but to the mainstream 99.7% remaining, particularly for the millions vowing to boycott the retailer. How so?

They’re adding a few single-stall restrooms to their stores at a cost of $20 million.

Which begs the question: Why couldn’t they have done this in the first place for transgender individuals or for those needing infant-and-toddler-friendly family bathrooms, for instance?

Instead, they will not retreat from their stance of sex-neutral stalls for all. Soccer moms and school children can take it or leave it. Apparently, they’re leaving Target in droves. One or two bathroom stalls will not win them back. It’s a company policy that’s in-your-face and customers are voting with their feet.

How the mighty have fallen. Au revoir, Tar-zhay.


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