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Taxi Talk

taxiMy life is like one, big reality show.  As a matter of fact, I have more reality than most viewers can handle.  All that to say, taking a taxi in a foreign country can be quite a trip.  Especially if you’re me.  For some reason.  Believe me, I don’t know why these things happen, but they do.

I like people.  I believe that the average person has a far more interesting existence than those whom most people would 20080507-cab_driver-yomhazikaronconsider “famous”.  It’s never been a problem for me to speak with those of high or modest estate.  They’re all people, some more fascinating than others.

Enter the working class taxi drivers who have mostly boring fares for their entire day, week, month, year.  (Other than that “Cash Cab” guy on the ShowImage.ashxDiscovery Channel who ambushes riders anticipating a regular drive to their destination.  Then the lights go on, the passengers are on TV, and being asked all sorts of factual questions which could earn them cash on the spot.)

So here I am in Jerusalem, a very hilly city and many _44022034_taxis203appointments from one end to the other.  Where I once knew the bus lines which are widely used, now there’s a light rail line whizzing through the city that I still need to learn. 

No time.  So I grab a cab.

Here, I’m generally not afraid of the crazy taxi-sxcdrivers, as could happen in another land where daredevils take to the roads.  No, in this locale, Arab and Jewish cabbies like to chat.

“Beautiful day,” the driver comments in Hebrew.taxi

“Yafe me’od,” (Very beautiful), I agree.

“Where are you going?”

“You know what?” a great idea hits me.  “Can you take me by my apartment, so I can drop off all of this stuff, and then back downtown?  I need to grab something to eat, and I don’t 1111_wawant to lug this around….”

“No problem.  You live here?” the older man asks.

“No, just visiting.”

“Why don’t you cook for yourself?” he asks.  “I can cook.  You want me to come and cook for you?”

“No,” I laugh.  “At home, I cook two or three meals a day for my 382090936large family….”

“No, that’s too much!” the driver protests.  “You need to get a Filippina.  Have her do all the work…..”

“Well, we don’t have a whole lot of Filippinas looking for KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAthat kind of job in the U.S….” I shake my head as he continues to tell me how this would solve all of my problems, as though he knows anything about my “problems”, lol.

Come to think of it, if I could get someone to do all of my domestic chores, it could solve a lot of problems.  The guy might be onto something.taxi2s

I’m on another cross-city hop in another cab and the driver asks how an American can speak Hebrew.

“It happens,” I shrug, not wanting to go into my life story.

“Praise the Lord, it happens,” he 550323_541973715827668_461710322_nmurmurs, as though the linguistic ability dropped from the sky one day.

Another asks my profession, while I reapply sunscreen for the burning bright mid-day sun.  I name a profession that’s not normally considered to be women’s work.???????????????????????????????

“What?  No!  Okay, sure, why not?” he chuckles.  “Well, the main thing is to enjoy life and live your life, not somebody else’s.”

“The problem is, most people don’t know who they are, or what might make them happy.”

“True,” he ponders, “and when they find out, they’re 80 years old!”

img10My next taxi asks how old my husband is-?!  Is this a set-up?  Maybe he’ll want to know what flavor toothpaste I use, too.

Then there’s the taxi that wants to know about my children.

I enjoy the driver who tells me to pay whatever I think is right.  He must have taken me to be a generous soul.

I discuss with one cabbie how my return luggage may be overweight.  The only way I can get out of this situation is to use up all of my shampoo and other toiletries brought with me.  He roars with laughter as we cook up ways to lighten my luggage load.

I’m still waiting to get a Middle Eastern “Cash Cab” and have somebody pay ME.  Hasn’t happened, yet.  Always something to look forward to!


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