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Teaching Adoptees & Rescue Dogs How to Share

IMG_3607It’s often an uphill battle when a newly-adopted child or rescue dog comes home. But stick with it and new attitudes and behaviors may be taught. The point is, when a child or a new family pet understands that there are more than enough resources such as food or toys to go around, much of the greediness goes away.


But sometimes they revert.

Recently, Grisha-the-rescue-Scottie had it out with Misha-the-blueblood-IMG_3606Scottie. Both like to play together and Misha is bigger and slightly older, but still. Does Grisha really need to hoard the rubber bones and kongs? These are the only slightly-soft-yet-extremely-durable rubber toys that will hold up to their shark-like teeth.

Grisha grabs the bones. Yes, there are two of them here. He runs around several times with two of them in his mouth, making sure that Misha sees them well enough as he darts by.

IMG_3605Slow down, Grisha!

Suddenly, Misha joins in the chase. And they’re off. And they’re wrestling. And they’re fighting, a mass of long black hair and beards rolling this way and that, moving too quickly to have even any National Geographic photographer catch them in mid-pursuit.

The two Scottish Terriers start to play-fight. This is play, right? Granny, what big teeth you have!

Is Misha-the-big-guy down for the count? No, he’s taking a time-out in order to rub his nose and beard. Little-guy-Grisha noses him with his head.

The two bones end up in the bed while the chase-and-poke melee ensues. Who will getIMG_3604 them in the end? Will Misha steal one back? Actually, he seems to enjoy the play time. Only Grisha, as a little guy would, is really keeping count with the bones.

And in the end, when one or the other tire of the turmoil, Grisha hops in bed and clamps his neck down on the bones.

Ahh, all his. Safe at last!

IMG_3603Both Scotties are satisfied with the outcome. The two of them enjoyed a raucous romp and one grabbed the bones that only he seemed to care about. Then they settled down to their respective naps, full of doggy dreams and triumphs.

It doesn’t get better than that.


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