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Technological Time Wasters

computer_technologyI was meant to live in another time period, yet I’m enjoying myself immensely in our fast-paced, at-the-speed-of-light lifestyle in the here and now. I just sometimes wonder….

As someone who’s flown the supersonic Concorde transcontinentally, it makes me think of those who once had the luxury to set sail for foreign lands, relaxing enroute, reading, writing, nurturing relationships along the way. The journey was part of the trip. Their Grand Tour would last for months, while we hop to 261329992849another country or continent for a quick business lunch and back again.

So how can the very technology that’s supposed to save us time, actually end up wasting our time?

thEasy – the technology is so fast-moving that it slows us down and causes us to stumble. Like what, you ask?

1. Telephone conversations that last too long.

2. Lingering on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, which leads me to reveal that I may be the last Dinosaur on the face of the earth who does not (yet) do either.social-media-brazil-story-1024x780

3. Computers. ‘Nuff said.

4. Movies in theatres or at home, although I have come to love them. They help my kids learn English, and a whole lot of other good things. Yet, there are so many of them out there.

tv225. TV. We’ve talked about pulling the plug because there’s not much to our particular liking, no matter how many channels we may receive. But then I wouldn’t have my paws on the pulse of our culture if I cut myself off entirely. Like a car wreck, sometimes it’s hard to look away, so time can be eaten up… in no time.

Again, today we’re talking technology. Your time may poof away through sports and fitness, travel, too many get-togethers with friends and family….

Do you feel that technology benefits you more than hinders and holds you back from other pursuits?

Or is it just me who has to be careful?


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