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Technology Tensions

thI like the idea of technology, really I do. It just never seems to work out how it’s supposed to. Ever. And being faithful and true really means a lot to me. So if something’s going to crash and burn exactly at the point when I need it, ya know, I’d rather not be involved….

So the guys got me a new phone. That’s not the main idea, because I can probably send my smoke signals on an old, black rotary phone just fine, but men are generally impressed with things that are new! latest! and innovative! Plus, we got some new service plan that saves us zillions every month… while giving us all new phones.

What’s not to like?th

I’m sure I’ll find something.

Here I sit with my i-Phone 300 or whatever the latest number is. Ehhh, it’s nice. It’s about the size of a credit card which helps me in my diet planning. Used to be you could eat food the size of a deck of cards. Not that I play cards, which may explain some of my diet challenges if I’m eating food the size of a full-size laptop. Now, in my case, the food is about the size of a credit card… and shrinking every day….

But back to the phone.

thProblem with getting a new phone is that you apparently lose all of your old texts. Mine had business texts in other languages from abroad. Important family photos taken on the fly. Vital plans for world domination. Names and addresses of everyone who’s anyone.

Gone, gone, gone, gone.

“Isn’t there a backup or transfer system?” I ask Benedetto.

He tells me he’ll get to it someday or sometime, not tremendously concerned and wondering why I’m not all that excited about my NEW PHONE, while my eldest son springs into action, ever one to save his mother.

Together, the two of them work night and day to restore my previously-existing stuff, while I ponder why technology always seems to set me back. So I try to keep my cool, while seething over the fact that I am phoneless for a day or two, none of which would bother me, but they’ve been insisting that I come up to speed… and then wondering why I text them from another part of the house….

Now I need my thumbprint to gain access to my phone. It leads me to think of what might happen if an emergency happens 0c690fc75092ab8a38d0978480b601f8around me and I need to grab someone else’s phone. Think heart attack, traffic accident, mugging—you know, all the happy thoughts that one could conjure…. And you can only use your phone with your thumbprint!

This distresses me for a good half-day until I see an option for “emergency” which I assume would give anyone the ability to call 911. I think back to my missing texts and deliberate whether or not this would be serious enough to try the button.

But soon enough, my guys have the phone updated, and I’m ready to go. The new technology set me back a day or two, but I’m sure I’ll be a better person because of it.

Does technology work this way for you?


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