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Teen Job Search – Plan B

SummerJobsMashenka can’t find a summer job. She came to it late, starting to look almost at the end of June. Many schools and universities already had flooded the market with applicants.

It’s not like she needs to work. But some summertime responsibility could be a good thing. Being around others might force her to enunciate, since her current manner of speech sounds similar to a mix of slurred Russian and Inspector Clouseau-like pronouncements.

The 17-year-old applied at a health food store, a florist shop, a grocery and asked about submitting teen-summer-jobapplications elsewhere. The ice cream shop from last year would like for her to return, however, it’s quite some distance along with a manager who seemed to stalk her.

Not ideal.

Another offer comes in to clean vacation condos, but again, it’s some distance away and I don’t understand what that could do for her future. I remind Mashenka that just because she has not yet located a viable summer job doesn’t mean that she can’t volunteer somewhere fab.

thThe two of us sit with the computer and I show her how to search for volunteer positions. Bingo. We may be on to something: a friend to elderly Russian Jews.

While she’s too young to drive old folks to appointments or anything like that, she brightens at the thought of using her Russian to be an occasional companion to the aged.

I like that. We’ll check it out.



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