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Teen Summer Job Interviews

thOur kids are finishing up their school year a bit late. That’s what happens when you travel the world and also when you don’t pay attention to your calendar. Personally, I like to see an end date and then work backwards from there, but hey, not everyone listens to me.

Consequently, it’s mid-July and they are contemplating applying for summer jobs, which generally means that a friend of the family has offered them something. They’re not real big on getting out there and finding something themselves. But that’s okay— let’s just consider it early career networking, lol.

Naturally, with my Type A personality, I try to encourage them to find a job that might Lead Somewhere. Our two middle ones, Mashenka (19) and Pasha (20.5), inform me in no uncertain terms that Dead End is more their preferred destination. I’m learning to let go.


So I turn to a great site, www.millionaire-kids.com/interviewquestions.html to see if I can come up with any additional interview questions thother than the top 100 I have tossed their way in an effort to prep them. Their older brother, Petya, and younger sister, Sashenka, generally think more quickly on their feet.

Millionaire kids’ Top Ten Interview Questions and Answers are outstanding, starting off with:

1) Question: Why do you feel you are the best candidate for this job?

Answer: Because I’m responsible, reliable, and a hard worker.

2) Question: Do you have any experience in this type of work?

Answer: Not exactly, but I am a fast learner and want to learn as much as I can about (blank).

shaking_handsThey go on to spin questions about any perceived weakness and what’s your availability and so much more. Be still my heart. I’m acquainted with many adults who would do well to peruse the list and gain a few insights.

The site offers tips on what interview questions a potential employee may ask, what time to arrive for said interview (10 minutes early), as well as what to wear. Mashenka could use some help in that area. She believes that my suggestion of dress slacks and slight heels is out of the 1800s. Instead, she tells me that she has opted for everyday, jeans-like pants, an untucked blouse and tennis shoes.

I try to keep a straight face until she gets to the footwear.

“Tennis shoes-?” I try to stifle my incredulity.

“Yes, if it’s a job where I may be standing for long periods of time, I need to be comfortable. Besides, they’re not just any old tennis shoes, interview-dress-code-for-womenthey’re my dress ones….”

“Okay, well, you might want to Google this business’s dress code and then upgrade a step higher for the interview,” I try to insert in a light, breezy manner.

Dress tennis shoes-?! I imagine she’s referring to her black high-tops???

And so it rolls. I make sure that the two of them have their I.D., their Social Security cards and a positive mental attitude. It’s about all I can do.

In this day when many minimum wage-range jobs stand vacant, I don’t think they’ll have too many problems landing an undemanding job of their (or somebody else’s) choosing. Here’s hoping….


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