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Ten Essential Travel Items

Through the ages, I have been in many parts of the world, often parts of the world to which others don’t travel.  Even so, I’ve found it possible to travel in style and in comfort.  Here are a few items that have proven vital to world travel, in my humble opinion.

1.  A blend of polyester or nylon underwear, socks, tights, t-shirts or turtlenecks to layer.  Great for washing out in a bucket in remote bush locations, or in a hotel sink.  Then you won’t need to launder your natural fiber slacks, skirt or jacket much at all.  Of course, in case of a plane, train, or automobile fire, the inner synthetic fibers would render you toast, while the outer natural fibers might save you for a few minutes.  Happy thoughts.

2.  A universal sink stopper.  I have written about this upon occasion and the millions of sink stopper bandits that must be roaming hotels and rental apartments around the world.  You will need this to do your laundry in the sink, or your bathing in the bathtub. Especially helpful if you have little ones who will necessarily need lots of bathing, and lots of laundering.  Helps to bring some soap powder, too, but if you look shady, it could be construed for drugs in some far-flung place.  Unhappy thoughts.

3.  Zip-lock bags!  As in oops, my mini-shampoo bottle split open.  Or, oops, my toothpaste exploded under cabin pressure.  All of your earthly belongings will not be ruined.

4.  A mini-sunscreen for the purse or backpack, along with a foldable sunhat (full brim).  In winter, a stretchy ski cap and gloves, just in case.  I’ll never forget the day that Benedetto and I were cruising through the desert, minding our own business, and he spotted a bedouin that he knew, who promptly invited us to mount his camel and come home for lunch.  Which leads me to our next tip….

5.  If you’re a woman, wear a long and flowing dress or skirt, nothing that would blow up in the wind, but possible to ride animals and yes, take a leak in the middle of nowhere, without anyone glimpsing anything.  I speak from experience….  A very large scarf that can double, triple, or quadruple as a makeshift skirt, shawl, baby sling, or headcovering is also quite beneficial.

6.  A pop-up/ fold-out cup, the concentric kind that telescopes into a small cup.  I don’t know why, but I am becoming fixated on this unique little item. I have certainly never carried one, but I bought a couple for my son when he went to camp.  It made me feel that he was well-prepared for some reason.  Maybe with this, you won’t need to wait 6 hours for the flight attendant to come and collect your water cup from the seat pocket in front of you.  Or, you may wish to carry a fold-flat water bottle, another nifty item for museums and other locations forbidding water bottles.

7.  Bandaids, aspirin, and anti-bacterial crème are also helpful.  Vaseline cures a multitude of ills, as well.  Have pharmacy, will travel.

8.  A black dress, a black pantsuit, high heels, and flats.  You’re ready for most everything.  A colorful scarf or tank can dress it up or down.

9.  An electric hotpot to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a cup of soup.  Very soothing after a long day or night of travel.  Toss in a few granola bars, just in case it’s a holiday and all of the markets or restaurants are closed.

10.  Slipper socks.  Soothe those aching dogs.  If the tootsies aren’t happy….

There you are.  Bon Voyage!



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