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Ten Ways to Wake Up Reluctant Children

Just a little levity, folks.  You won’t be needing to call Child Protective Services anytime soon, so don’t get your britches in a knot….

Have you ever called and called the children to come to breakfast, or hop in the shower, or get dressed for school, and they absolutely and totally ignore you?  You need a gameplan that’s going to work.  Your morning wakeup coach, Alexandra, is here for you.

The days are becoming lighter, earlier.  Within a week, that’s going to change.  Next weekend, we spring forward on the clocks, so in case the children try to sleep in come Monday, you’ll know just what to do….

1.  Throw water on their head.  Take a cup of water and pick up water with your fingers, flicking it toward their face.

2.  Wave a heated, melted, frosted cinnamon bun in front of their nose.  This will have them springing to life in no time, flat!  Whether or not you choose to eat it yourself, is entirely up to you.

3.  Send the dog in to lick their face.  Helps if you paint streaks of peanut butter on said face, first.

4.  Pull on their big toe sticking out from the blankets.  If that doesn’t work, grab a leg and start tugging.  If it’s a low enough bed, a big thud on the ground generally does the trick.

5.  Tickle their foot.  Keep in mind that this could backfire should you later need to change the sheets-!

6.  Throw open the shades/ curtains/ blinds.  Go ahead, throw open the window, as well.  A little fresh, winter air never hurt anybody.  Think pioneer living at its best.

7.  Set their alarm clock 15 minutes fast.  Or, choose whatever time increment by which amount they’re normally late.  Works like a charm.   All of our clocks are fast by about 5 minutes, but they don’t know it.  (And we’re not catching schoolbuses, we’re catching planes.)  If you set the clocks too far ahead, the kids tend to ignore them and the exercise loses its punch….

8.  Put some steaming hot chocolate just beyond their reach.  They have to get out of bed to sip it-!  Bravo.  Brilliant!

9.  Play their favorite music.  Slowly, turn the volume UPPP, and up, and up.  Oh, yes.  The peppier and louder the music,  the better.

10.  Spray air freshener in their room.  Nothing like getting the olfactory nerves going early in the a.m.

Alright, those are a few.  Look, we didn’t even resort to banging two pot lids together like cymbals-!  Talk about a kinder and gentler approach than when I was growing up.

And should none of the above work, flick on the overhead light and tell them to take their time.  They’ll enjoy repeating this grade next year….



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Very funny stuff! Thanks for the chuckle. I will keep this list handy!

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    Got any tips for keeping the little buzards in bed later. Cripes mine are up with the chickens.

    • avatar admin says:

      That’s a hard one, Winnie. We adopted ours after they had stopped naps… and about the time we wanted to start naps! My night-time personality has become a pre-dawn personality…..

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