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Terrible TSA Trends

For all of you folks locked into school-year schedules, summer travel dates are looming on the horizon.  And with it, the terror of TSA agents, ready to grab and grope your children and the elderly.  It’s gotta stop.

Name me one good reason why our country can’t profile, and pick suspicious persons out of a crowd.  Instead, we aim for the innocent youngest and oldest of our society, and throw in a few famous people for good measure.

Latest on the TSA hit list:  Dr. Henry Kissinger, 88, moving through NY’s LaGuardia Airport in a wheelchair with an aide.  They make him stand up, pat him down, and don’t even seem to know who the former National Security Advisor is, much less a Nobel Prize winner for his work in ending the Vietnam War.

Laura Ingraham reported that she and her kids watched a severely-wounded Afghanistan war veteran similarly being manhandled at BWI Airport this past weekend.  They felt the injustice of his treatment and were ashamed that Janet Napolitano had stated that veterans were potential terror threats.

Well-known personages such as Geraldo Rivera and Dianne Feinstein have been numbered among the ranks of those necessitating “further screening”.  Geraldo had some choice words for those who got their jollies at his expense.

Folks, it’s not getting better.  The elderly are having their diapers removed and checked.  Children are being roughed-up.  Someone’s small child was just removed from a flight because they were supposedly on the “No Fly List”.  Now we have toddler terrorists-!

What’s happening to our nation’s security?  Refuse the ridiculous pat-downs and your trip goes down the tubes.  Raise objections, or take a photo of any questionable procedures, and you’ll likely end up in the slammer.

Security, yes.  Police state, no.

Who’s going to insist on real reforms for a system with enough holes in it to run for Swiss Cheese of the Year?



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Thanks for pointing out the insanity, Alexandra! We might not travel as much as you, but we need to be aware and write our members of Congress. Even better security will result if we insist on reforms.

  2. I haven’t flown since the new security measures went in, but as I recall I was THISCLOSE to throwing a giant hissyfit when we cleared the American bound security checkpoint in Frankfurt when we were coming home from Russia. They made me remove Jupiter from her carrier (which woke her up), patted her down, felt up her diaper (unfornately not filled with Giardia laced bodily waste at that moment), and mangled her carrier. After which my sister informed me they had to test Jupiter’s stuffed duck for explosives. My best line of the entire trip was my response: “Tell them to keep the damn duck.”
    The duck passed the explosive test and came home with us. A little common sense would not be out of place here. Just saying.

    • avatar admin says:

      Isn’t that the truth, Wendy! Now I’ve learned to avoid Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport. Once upon a time, pretty fun, but now, nasty security, disappearing shuttle buses, they actually split up our family when my husband was on crutches… and took away his wheelchair… my son and I couldn’t board because they boarded my husband from somewhere else and he had all of our adoption paperwork… what a mess. I ended up throwing a (polite) fit in French which got us onboard one minute before takeoff.

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