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Terrorism, Tunnels and Biden’s Blunders

Joe BidenJoe Biden needs to sit down and be quiet. On Monday, he rebuked Israel, the only Middle Eastern democracy, just after they had been hit by a terror attack in Jerusalem. Apparently, that’s his friendly face.

Earlier in the day, Israel had uncovered yet another terrorist tunnel from Gaza into Israel. This is particularly significant, because Gaza used to be in Israel’s hands. Yet, they caved in to pressure to give the land to the “suffering Palestinians”… and they did… in 2005… in the name of “peace”.

But it was not peace that the Gazans desired. Instead, it was a piece of Israel.

Since that time, the Jewish state has endured missiles, rockets, tunnels and more terrorterrorism. That’s what they got in exchange during the great “land for peace” experiment that failed miserably over ten years ago.

Now the Obama administration hopes to pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu into withdrawing from more land. That would be similar to saying that the US should withdraw from Arizona and Texas because the Mexicans want to live there… while shelling America every chance they get. Does that make sense to you?

berniesanders_1Apparently, kicking our “friend” Israel after a bloody attack on their innocent civilians makes sense to him. Not to mention Bernie Sanders making all sorts of preposterous claims about Israel using “disproportionate force” against the Palestinians and killing over 10,000 innocent Palestinian civilians in 2014.

Ten thousand??? Not even the Palestinians claim such inflated numbers. But Sanders claims he’s pro-Israel.

With friends like Biden and Sanders, I say that Jerusalem should no way, no how listen to American psycho-babblings. Maybe Americans shouldn’t, either.


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