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Test-Drive the Talk

whispering-smallThe 3-D Adoption Talk Forum is now up, full of kinks and glitches, but brave souls have made it through! We have our very own tech support working away to make it better even as we speak, so don’t give up.  For every person who writes that they are trying either to log-in, or to post, or whatever, it really helps us to figure out what’s happening on your end.

It’s a big help.  Thank you, friends.

We’re not having the easiest time figuring it out on this end, either, if that’s any consolation.  Post a question, a comment, a tip, a reminiscence and see if it gets through.  Then report back via comment or e-mail.

That’s it.  You know your assignment.  All those who choose to fulill the assignment, and their computer blows up, we willimages disavow any knowledge of you.

No.  Just kidding.  Your computer will not blow up.  Especially if it’s a Mac….

If you’d like to test the system, but simply have nothing to say, you can always try:  “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”  Or, of course, there’s always:  “She sells seashells by the seashore.”  Personally, I would post these under “Fun”, but that’s just me.

communicationWe are also open to existential questions, such as “Does Putin have a soul?”  Or, “How did you celebrate Chinese New Years?”  Or, “Do hamentaschen have to be triangular, and why?”

If you like the blog, you’ll love the chat, but we just have to make sure that it functions.  Having qualified experts participating comes a little later, lol.

So far, I see potential….  With thousands of readers each week, there are a lot of experienced adoption parents and professionals who stop by.  Why not share in a supportive environment?  You can remain anonymous, if you wish.    C’mon, help us test it and help others at the same time.



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