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Texts Gone Astray

TextingThe other day I sent a text message. That very fact says a lot considering that I really didn’t send any maybe six months ago. Now I’ve expanded from texting two people to ten or twelve.


However, it can backfire.

When texts are sailing back and forth, fast and furious, I can get confused and turned around. Different languages, different alphabets, some respond quickly or slowly. The ping-pong, ping-pong momentum morphs into a chess game on steroids.

That’s how I ended up sending a text message meant for my husband to one of my managers abroad. At least it was not a iMessage-logolovey-dovey, mushy-gushy message, instead, it was a silly meme (“meem”, a photo with a funny phrase or saying).

Mortified that the meme went wayward on me, I followed up to said foreign manager with an explanatory note, assisted by my spellchecking phone:

“Stupid men,” which should have been “Stupid meme.”

When I tried to type “Sorry” it changed into “Soppy”, which I attempted to correct and it spellchecked into “potty”, making my next message “Soppy potty,” the perfect thing to write to a foreign manager of operations.

faiptext“Please disregard anything written in English,” I next explain. “It was intended for my husband, Benedetto.”

Which could only bolster their opinion of me as the boss, calling my husband and others “Stupid men” and sending some sort of questionable coded message with “Soppy potty!”

What made me really nervous was the fact that my manager never responded back to the texts, not letting me know that he understood these things could happen.

Stupid men.


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    I thought I was the only one who did this! I can only imagine when you have multiple languages, Alexandra! You live on the edge!

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