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Text-Messaging via Tin Cans

thI don’t know why I even try to text-message my husband. I realize that he’s Very Busy. So am I. That’s why I text, for quick communiques and questions. It’s not like I’m trying to make conversation….

He never has his phone on. Maybe that should tell me something. I text my son.

“If you see your father downstairs, could you please tell him to text me? Thx.”


This occurs any of a million times per day. If we happen to be apart for 30 minutes or so, I may textingneed to text Benedetto.

“I’ve been gone for all of five minutes, why do you need to text?” he wonders.

“Umm, because you’re not here.”

God forbid that the house is burning down, a business question arises, a child flips out, or a dog hurts himself. Yes, I can handle it myself, but I’m often giving him a heads-up as a courtesy.

tin-can-telephoneI forget texting. I try ringing him. It goes to message. Ridiculous.

Sometimes I ring a nearby phone. That jogs his memory that there is such a thing as a phone, so he checks his.

Then he answers one out of my last ten questions.

Whatever works. I’m ready to try tin-cans strung together….


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