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The Adopted Child Behaviors

RUSSIA FOREIGN ADOPTIONSThis, too, shall pass.

Or, will it?

Whole lotta adoptive parents asking the same questions. Is this normal toddler, adolescent, or teen behavior… or is it deep-seated and deep-rooted? Will it hinder or hold back the child… for life?

Could be the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) from a birth mother who drank. Might be Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome russian_adoptions(PTSD) due to an orphan’s abusive and neglect-filled pre-adoption lifestyle. Possibly involves transitioning to a new culture or, at the very least, a new family with roles, dynamics, and expectations… that were never expected nor anticipated.

hqdefaultWhat happens when the rebellion, disobedience, and lack of fitting-in or getting along with the program is not working? You give it a year, or two, or three. Still, very little forward movement. How long do you wait? Can you call it quits? How?

Trouble at school. Trouble with the family. Maybe even trouble with the law.

Is this the family life you dreamed of?

You get everyone therapy. You don’t throw in the towel. You call in50ef6a4254c89.preview-620 reinforcements.

Will it ever work?

Only time will tell. And maybe some professionals could add their opinions, too. Meanwhile, it’s worth your best shot.

Pulling and praying for you….


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