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The Anniversary Continues

IMG_3374Alright, so the 35th anniversary was in October, but the celebrations continue.  Why not?  Once upon a time, when Benedetto and I first met, it was in the hills of Judea where we worked in archaeology.  Now, we’ve moved on to bigger and better things, while still keeping ties to the past.

What better way to celebrate than to hit the romantic ruins of the Middle East in our wedding finery for yet a few more photos?

We left our Jerusalem apartment, situated on a back lane far too narrow for our big van to traverse.  That meant I had to walk all of 50 steps or so to the next main road and stand on the street corner with my right-hand man, Petya, who escorted and steadied me.  Pedestrians and mopedists tossed out calls of “Mazal tov!”

Everyone somehow hoisted me into the van when it arrived, not even one impatient IMG_3411taxi honking at us.  We wound our way past bedouin encampments, donkeys, sheep and goats, heading down to the Dead Sea and then turning up toward the hills of Galilee. 

At a checkpoint, the soldier took our passports and questioned us extensively.  He asked me in Hebrew to remove my sunglasses, called out the children’s names to which they responded, inquired about our day’s itinerary, and asked if the elegantly-attired children were ours (without mentioning their outfits nor the fact that they were not in school).

IMG_3414“Yesss,” I replied, asking if there was a problem.


Did he see that I was wearing a wedding gown and my husband, a tuxedo?  Perhaps he wondered how the blushing bride had four teens under her wing at such a tender age?

Call us wacky, call us wild, all we were doing was combining our past with our present in one big, picturesque portrait.  Vogue meets the outdoor vegetable market.  Modern Bride bumps into a bedouin with camel.  Crusader castle and ancient synagogue sync with our wedding entourage.

We strolled on a beautiful day amid stone ruins of 1,000 and 2,000 years old. The two of us remembered excavating in a few of the sites.

Hyraxes, which look very similar to groundhogs, popped up and scampered among IMG_3457the rocks, sunning themselves, while probably wondering what we were doing in their domain.  At one remote location, park workers came out to pose with us, wishing us much love for many years to come.

We quickly changed in some available restrooms, feeling for all the world like some James Bond quick-change characters, relaxing at last, and heading to a nearby town for schwarma sandwiches after a walk along the Sea of Galilee.The sun began setting along the mountains of Gilboa as we headed home, the sky ablaze as though celebrating with us.

I can’t say that we’re entirely done with this anniversary thing, maybe so, but you never know.  Love is in the air and life is meant for joy.  Stay tuned.


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