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The Beach Cottage Must-Haves

beachcottageSpring break is upon us and the summer is quickly approaching. Thoughts turn to beach getaway destinations. As a family who has owned or rented properties by various seaside locales, I thought we might share our specs when choosing a special property by the ocean.

First of all, the house needs to be near the shore. Not necessarily beachfront, but close enough to easily drive or walk. It has to have parking near the house where we can unload all of our stuff for the week or few days. Free parking, too, since a vacation is not the time to keep feeding parking cottage2meters.

An outdoor shower is nice for sandy feet or salty bodies, lol. A convenient place to store beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards or boogie boards helps.

Think of the delights of an outdoor grill and a private deck with table and chairs for outdoor dining…. Indoors, our family requires an expansive dining room table with chairs for all, a comfy living room or family room, ready to watch movies or play a board game, sketch or read and cuddle cottage3with the dogs.

Pet friendly? Yes and yes. I understand the potential dangers to the property, particularly since one of our Scotties just got into the trash today (he’s a tricky fellow) and then promptly threw up about an hour later. But we’re willing to pay a deposit in case anything goes wrong.

Yet, it never has. Things only go south at home, lol.

Soft beds— firm beds— none of it tremendously matters to me, as long as I’m tired enough. As long as the environment is quiet enough. And let’s be real here: more than one bathroom for six people. cottage4I want a house with no noisy neighbors, loud talking into the night, firecrackers, or raucous parties. A place to pray and room to relax.

We lose track of days and dates, lost in the moment, the sound of the sea, the future spreading before us. Bliss.


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