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The Beautiful Boutique Clothing Swap

fashionOur group of ladies had a great idea: switching out clothing that we had outgrown, or, on a brighter more hopeful note: perhaps shrunken out of-! So on the appointed night, we would gather with some old, but nice offerings to give away. In the meantime, I had to run the gauntlet at home.

My girls, who at times seem to like nothing that I buy for them expressed a sudden interest in my old clothing. Even though they knew we did not get into revealing, low-cut or skin-tight, ripped or slashed, and not a skull-and-crossbones among them…. So I gave Sashenka, 17, a few skirts to try, and Mashenka, 14.5, a few dresses.

They loved them.

Back to the closets I went to locate more selections for my friends and friends of friends. Having boughtClothingset extra hangers and suitably laden with heaps of clothes and some snacks, we all met up and set up our own “Beautiful Boutique”. Everyone oohed and aahed and poked through.

As ladies were making their selections, one woman came in with a fun, puckery/bubbly black top, the stretchy kind.

“This was outside on the ground. Did somebody drop it?”

The ladies were too busy to pay much attention, but my eyes lighted upon it: black, perfect for travel, cute, oh, and did I say black?

LadiesFashionAnother girlfriend jumped in: “You have that look in your eye! Here, it’s yours….”

I protested, “You know, Benedetto said that the idea was for me to give away clothes, not come home with more clothes….  Plus, does it make me look too poofy?” I wondered slipping it on over my top.

“No. Stick it in your purse, he’ll never know…” she laughed as I took one giant step away from her in case she was struck by lightning any time soon.

The party atmosphere continued with everyone chatting, snacking, and selecting. Each friend chose homebetween three to five pieces, and yes, they even came up with a couple of super-sharp dresses for me. I figured that if I had donated 50, I could come home safely with a couple of items, lol.

What can I say, but my gal-pals have good taste?

We will invite a bigger circle of ladies to check things out. Then the rest will be going to a home for abused women. You might want to try it in your area.


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