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The Beauty of a Family

IMG_3156There, by the side of the highway, a small drainage ditch tributary gently ran in a trickling stream with a family of swans navigating it. The intrepid father, called a cob, led the way. The mother, a pen, followed farther back, leading the babies, a flock of cygnets.

Yep, that’s what you call baby swans: cygnets.  IMG_3162

They looked cute and fluffy, awkward and obedient. As I stepped from the car to sneak a quick pic, the mother eyed me warily as in “Don’t. you. dare.”

“I come in peace, Mama,” I whispered quietly, keeping a good distance. “It’s okay.”

She turned back to her business at hand and continued the family caravan.

Other cars were stopping. First, the mother and father swans were huge, graceful, muscular if you IMG_3166could say that and spectacular. Then, the nine babies that followed were spectacular.

A family in the wild.

It was enough to see a single swan, full of beauty. A couple of swans, even better. But a whole family?

In some ways, families have become rare. They attract attention, whether single parent or double parent, with children who are willing to walk in line and stay close to the flock. Even in the animal kingdom, a family takes our breath away and makes us smile.

May your family bring joy to yourselves and others today!IMG_3160


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