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The Beauty of Bing

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.37.51 AMSome days, it’s simply too tempting. The computer opens to Bing and sure enough, there’s a fabulous photo just waiting to take your breath away.

No fair.

How can I get any work accomplished on the computer when such spectacular animal or landscape BingWallpaper-2015-07-28pictures stare back at me? I consider the photos to be on par with National Geographic, minus the restless natives. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve ever glimpsed a human in any of Bing’s screensavers.

Maybe that’s what lends it that universal appeal— no people. Instead, there are misty sunrises, up-close-and-personal animals, water droplets on an enormously-magnified leaf, dyed LangwieserBridge_EN-US8248360022_1366x768skeins of yarn, sacks of spices…. You get the idea. You see what I’m up against:  fun fieldtrips for workaholics.

Can you finish anything with the beauties of Bing staring you in the face??? It’s gorgeous. I’m going to have to try to concentrate harder.


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