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The Beauty of Blessing Others

House-picturesOur kids have been helping a widow who lives in a big, old Victorian with way too much yard work outside and numerous renovations inside. At first, it began with pulling out wayward weeds and poison oak.

While our eldest was at his job, the other three assisted her in battle one day a week, once a month. Then it turned into every two weeks during the summer, through the fall and now as the holidays approached. She would make them lunch and they would work some more.

Raking leaves, sandpapering, painting. I told them if they played their cards right they mightfallen leaves 2 learn a few marketable skills along the way. It could be cool to have their very own siblings’ handyman service one day.

Somehow they did not share my enthusiasm.

But they thrilled our friend the widow. She could give them a job and they did it quickly and accurately. Meanwhile, I wondered who had kidnapped my kids and replaced them with other teens….

Tired_TeensThey always returned home tired and sore… and satisfied. There was something about blessing someone else.

The world needs a little more of that, don’t you think?


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