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The Big Business Side of Homeschooling

office_team_Not all homeschoolers are wealthy. After all, these parent(s) are, for the most part, staying home with their children. Some may be crazy like us, travel the world, take the kids along with them and help them learn along the way. But that’s not the norm. So this blog is not about companies making millions by providing materials for modest homeschooling families; they most likely exist, but I’m not so sure.

Instead, I’ve been considering how many business ideas homeschoolers get exposed to if their parents have a penchant for that and include their kids. Ideally, that can be a win-win situation, taking a son or daughter to a business obligation or appointment. The down side result in a car dealership owner using their children prattling teen-worker1unintelligible details in a local TV commercial….

Therefore, in addition to their regular studies, we try to involve our sons and daughters in different business endeavors that we undertake. A number of us enjoy well-behaved children who take notes on our every move and who enjoy meeting one another in remote locales while their parents seal deals. They’re bright enough to understand that what we do is confidential and the kids end up being models of decorum and discretion.

kitchenIf only I could teach some adults similar character traits.

Usually, homeschoolers are known for allowing students to pursue their passions in languages, sciences, sports, music, you name it. And increasingly, in business. Homeschoolers are starting online businesses as never before, along with shadowing their parents’ businesses.

You heard it here first: there’s a big business mentoring side of homeschooling that’s rapidly burgeoning and fun to see.


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