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The Bound Mummy

elastic-bandageEverything is “going” in my body. I’m still the picture of health… but I’ve decided I need to be wrapped up like a mummy.

My knee has been hurting recently ever since I fell on some steps. There’s stiffness and it feels as though my knee shattered. Maybe it did. Yet, to wear a bandage wrap on the knee would make me think I’m an elderly man with old football injuries.

Then there’s the wrist/forearm issues from typing about 18 hours per day. Deadlines wait for no one. Constant icing helps a little. Very little. But it’s better than nothing.

The more I think about it, perhaps we should go with the full body wrap, you know, a little nip-and-tuck at the waist while we’re at it…?

Then I will be soothed where it already hurts, plus nothing else will be able to “sproing”-!

Wrap me up, boys.


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