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The CDC & Avoiding Alcohol During Pregnancy

noIt’s hardly news to tell women not to drink while pregnant. But the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention raised the bar (no pun intended) on Tuesday when they advised a potential target group of 3.3 million women, aged 15-44, not to drink. These are women who are sexually active and not using birth control.

The thinking behind such a proposed ban on alcohol is smart. Because, by the time the women figure out they’re pregnant, the fetal damage will have been done.

But really, think about it: drinking and having sex without protection. Two reckless behaviors. Do we badchoicebelieve that women of this mindset are truly going to stop doing one of them? Most likely, they’re not using birth control and becoming pregnant… BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALCOHOL-RELATED IMPAIRED JUDGMENT.

So to simply tell them, ‘Stop drinking’ is a good idea which might lead to another good idea, namely, ’Stop having unprotected sex.’ Either way, the point is, with reckless drinking or reckless sex, another life can be negatively impacted forever.

Drinking-While-Pregnant-Can-Already-Be-Considered-a-Crime-1And in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, reckless drinking is not synonymous with drunkenness. ANY amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy remains dangerous.

And that’s a powerful message worth broadcasting.


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