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The Chicken Soup Project

asap-lifestyles-kitchen-idiot-chicken-soup--5bc9236898793dc4Alright, so Hilary Clinton didn’t want to be known for baking cookies.  In my opinion, there are worse things….  Personally, I like spreading cheer and calories through gifts of food to those who need it, or want it.

Recently, I’ve been on a chicken soup gig.  If you’re sick, elderly, or simply on my heart, you’ll probably receive a container of chicken soup sometime soon.  It’s simple enough to whip up in large batches, and homemade chicken noodle soupsoothing for anything that ails you.  I don’t believe that it diminishes my mental capacities nor my professional demeanor in the least.  But that’s just me.

It’s a blessing to be able make someone else’s day.

What could be better?



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