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The Christmas Choir Presentation

Our family celebrates Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, practically everything except Kwanzaa. So, it’s a great joy when our four teens get to participate in the Christmas choir. This year, they did a youth presentation and were part of the adult choir, as well.christmas-choir

There’s a lot of rehearsing. They need to get the words right, the melody or the harmony right, and this year, there were hand motions, too.

They loved it. The youth wore black outfits of their choice, along with white cotton gloves. Aided by a black light, their hands add a lot. It looks cool, contemporary and spiritual. The kids love it, as does the audience.  A church choir on steroids.th

Then, a young wife and mother stands to sing. She has changed careers this year, becoming certified for something she loves, gone through a couple of painful surgeries to alleviate mystery pain that the doctors couldn’t seem to find until now, and taken in her bedridden father-in-law to live with them. Her husband is a veteran with real pains of his own and possible surgery looming.

This is her first time singing a solo. I tell her she’ll be fine and here she is, under the spots, letting it rip. She sings “Messiah” by Kari Jobe and it instantly becomes my favorite song. The young lady rocks it, bringing down the house and we see miracles all around us.christmaschoirconcert

One of our doctors in his early 60s sings with a smooth, smooth voice and I can picture him in another profession. A young guy in his mid-20s, who’s actually coordinating the whole production sings and falls to his knees in worship. It’s transformational with a background video going that takes us into cutting-edge Christianity.

The congregation sits spellbound or begins to cheer or weep at certain stages. They are in jeans, party-dresses, you name it. Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in His sight….Choir_Christmas_Concert)

Two of the youth were dropped off. Their parents have split, right after taking in one of the girls from foster care a few years back. The girls confess that they have recently been grounded and Benedetto asks if everything’s okay.

“Well, it’s for something we can’t talk about at church,” they whisper to him and he pats them on the shoulder, telling them we’re all glad that they made it for the youth choir. “It’s okay, our mom and dad will let us come to church….”choir

I know nothing of it, but see them and give them big hugs, as do so many others. And there, in a microcosm, I understand, multiplied many times over: light has come.

Into darkness, the light of Jesus yet shines. There are grandparent types, and “good kids” and “struggling kids”, and adults with issues and those who seem to have it made. The congregation welcomes black and white and many nationalities. Accents, similar perhaps to those of the wise men, don’t stump nor stop any of us from including them.   This is a church family, valuable in this day when so many are struggling.  The reception following is packed with new friends, chatting, mixing, mingling, experiencing a little bit of heaven on earth.


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