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The D-I-Y Wedding Veil

IMG_2802I never knew there was a market for do-it-yourself wedding veils, but hey, there’s not much to most of them, and hey, if yours never arrived from abroad, either, and it’s the last minute, what’s a gal to do?  It was our anniversary and we were dressing up like bride and groom once again.

My delightful husband, who rarely becomes involved in my crises, was gracious enough… to become involved.  While situated in my remote archaeological locale, he bought yards of white tulle netting, and a beautiful barrette rather than a plain comb.

Watching a few tutorials on youtube, I wondered, “Just how difficult could this be?”

The five steps seemed straightforward enough.

1.  Take maybe 3 yards of 54” wide tulle if you’d like a longish veil with elbow-length IMG_2860blusher.

2.  Fold in half lengthwise and trim ends with sewing shears, rounding square edges.

4.  After cutting ends, rearrange the fold so that the length of each end is what’s desired, in other words, maybe 2 yards and 1 yard.  Loosely sew through the fold so that the tulle is gathered widthwise. 

5.  Sew the gathered fold onto the comb or barrette.  (Note:  the comb generally holds the tulle much better in terms of spacing it out.  On the barrette, the tulle has a mind of its own and slides to one side or the other, no matter how well you believe you attached it.)


IMG_2805It worked well enough for some dramatic photos.  But you could see it slipping to one side.  So much for under $10.

My assistants (my daughters) helped to throw the veil up into the air to catch the right look for this photo or that.  And then we would see it going sideways again. 

The things we do for art and love…. 

We have more formal occasions coming up, and I hedged my half-successes with a quick veil shipped out from one of the Etsy vendors.  Also affordable, but well-made and attached to a comb.

Third time’s a charm.


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