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The Doggies Go to a Sleepover

mintyco1Our little lovey Scotties headed out for their very own sleepaway. In order for our family to spend one or two days away, Misha and Grisha had to go to a friend’s house. There, they played footsie under closed doors with cat friends who were tucked away when they came to visit, while our boys delighted in seeing if any of their many mouse toys were suitably hidden.

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Here’s one under a chair!

Sending the two heavyweight bruisers away for a night or two was a big deal. Whenever possible, we would take them with us. But now we had to Scottish Terrierpack them up, along with a bunch of their gear.

Dog beds – check; dog crates – check; their favorite tartan blankets – check; two kong toys for playtime – check; leashes; food and water bowls; meal mats; dry food; Greek yogurt; pumpkin puree; fish oil pills; doggy brush. These Scottish Terriers didn’t travel light.

scottish-terrier-wallpaper-2I gave them a scant misting of eucalyptus oil just before our friends came to pick them up. No harm in smelling nice.

Meeting in the dusky, evening driveway, Misha and Grisha flipped out when they saw husband, wife, and grown son come to take them away. They giggled and wiggled, since it was almost too good to be true-! We were so happy that they would be enjoying themselves.

Night-night, little boys. See you soon.


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