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The Eastern Shore

IMG_3234 Passing through the Eastern Shore environs on a cool / cloudy / rainy day. There’s nothing like being off-season, or just-before-season anywhere. Alright, so some cafes or shops or amusements may be closed, but much of the time I’m a woman on a mission, just zipping through on my way elsewhere….

Spotted this “Love” sign made from fishing traps and kayaks and seashells, an artistic installation right on the beach. Too cool. Creative and whimsical, the kind IMG_3235of art that brings a smile.

Then my son snapped a pic in evocative black and white of the bygone days seen in a bandstand /gazebo with palms flanking it, while dunes rose behind it, sheltering from the sea. I immediately felt transported to a British seaside town.

IMG_3233For me, of course, I rubbernecked at the real estate and ensuing renovations. I’ve never met a rehab project I didn’t like even though more than a few of them resembled the movie, “The Money Pit”. Whizzing past, I slowed to see exactly which workmen were doing what. Despite the occasional headaches, restoration seems restorative to me.

The trip stretched for hours as only those who have navigated undulating coastlines can testify. It rained and stopped, attracting sand and salt spray to IMG_3232adhere to the car. As the day came to an end, the skies parted for an absolutely spectacular sunset.

Just like life, and art imitating life, the twists and turns bring surprises and horizons stretching almost to infinity and beyond.


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