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The Final Telegram

300px-WatsonLloydGeorgeTelegramThe end of an era is upon us.  Seven years ago, Western Union stopped telegraphic services in the U.S.  Now, the Indian state-owned telecom company is following suit.  On July 14th, India is due to send the last telegram in the whole world.

In a huge country where still only 26% of the population own mobile phones, telegrams could be seen as a necessity.  Still, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has losses of approximately $23 million per year.

Computers in India send the telegraphic messages these days, no longer using Morse code.  It should be interesting to see how the gap will be bridged, because so many still depend on the lowly telegram.  Perhaps entrepreneurial individuals will send messages for a fee from one centralized smartphone center to another?

So, the end of about 170 years of telegraphic services.  I remember sending a telegram when we lived abroad Appointment-Telegram-1963years ago when faxes and e-mails did not yet exist, and even reliable phone service was not a given.  The messages would come across in those funny-looking lines of type, almost like one would imagine a ransom note to look, minus the different type sizes.

It’s all coming to an end.  Our kids will know nothing of such technology, along with record players and big black telephones attached to the kitchen wall…. 

A moment of silence, please.


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