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The Fluctuating Scale Mystery Solved

bathroom-scaleMore mysterious than any Loch Ness Monster or Sasquatch sighting, a case to puzzle Sherlock Holmes and perplex Nancy Drew, was the whodunit of the dead weight fluctuating scale.  If you recall my reporting of a couple of weeks ago (“Dead Weight” piece), I postulated the theory that weighing oneself right after rising resulted in a higher weight than waiting until 10 minutes later.

This was not a scientific theory, however, true to form day after day.  The scale would change.

Until this week.  The scale went haywire, registering a difference of 2012-New-Electronic-Bathroom-Scalesfive pounds up, down, and all around, the more I stepped on the scale.  This had been a problem about a year ago when I purchased a new scale.  Unfortunately, the apparatus had a “memory”, the last thing you want when you’re weighing yourself.

7.19.12-G.CorteseFeet-on-a-Bathroom-Scale-282x282It’s good when it goes down, but what about when it goes up?  That’s like a slap in the face.  I never knew when the memory was working and when the actual weight was registering.

How confusing.

Consequently, the current scale has no memory and it helps that it’s digital, with every tenth of a pound mattering.  But how could it yo-yo within a matter of seconds, bounding up and bounding down each time I stepped on?

Drum-roll, please….  I believe the battery was fading.Woman' s feet on bathroom scale

Replacing it, the dead weight scale mystery was solved at last.

Which only goes to show us:  When life throws you a twist, change your batteries.  Take a nap, remove yourself from the situation, take a look from somebody else’s perspective.

It could lead to life getting back in sync, similar to the scale.


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