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The Fundraising Dinner

IMG_3514Generally, Benedetto and I don’t have the time nor the inclination to attend free dinners that turn out to be anything but free. But this night, it was actually a topic/cause that piqued our interest, and thus we headed out to regions beyond, imagining that several acquaintances would be in attendance.

We were not disappointed.

Traveling to an historic country manor house turned out to be a fun diversion for this summer evening. Special signature cocktails awaited those who imbibed and for the rest of us, iced tea and lemonade quenched our thirst. Our mix-and-mingle turned into old home week as we met those with similar backgrounds, friends and friends-of-friends.

Whomever planned this event found not just the right mix of drinks, but the right IMG_3515mix of attendees. Blue bloods and board members rubbed shoulders with academics and executives. It made for quite the lively evening. Those involved in the organization being feted were seated strategically at one place per round table of eight.

White linen cloths covered the tables while the early evening sun set across the well-manicured lawns. A simple Mason jar filled with a sunflower arrangement formed the centerpiece as waitstaff quietly tended to the diners. Wine flowed, white or red according to one’s taste. Benedetto and I continued our more sober libations, particularly when checkbooks were involved and speeches and presentations popped up through the evening.

IMG_3516A few 10-minute talks were featured in scattered areas of the property, keeping the evening interesting and intimate enough to ask questions. Principals of the organization provided updates on previous accomplishments and painted a picture of what might be in the future.

The fundraising dinner never formally asked for finances, instead choosing to focus on celebrating major donations which had already been pledged. And if matching funds could be had and if anyone felt led to become part of that, they were available to chat further.

A spectacular sunset shone across the countryside as we strolled through the gardens, the perfect setting for dreamers and donors alike.


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