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The Gate of Faith

IMG_3272One of my favorite places is the Old City of Jaffa. Once home to run-down buildings and semi-criminal elements, developers and the city took charge in the 1960s to renovate the area into a lovely portside community, full of artists’ galleries, cafes and upscale housing. Associated with Jonah’s run from God and Paul’s vision of Gentiles being accepted to believe in the Jewish Messiah, Jaffa was also given as a gift from Marc Antony to IMG_3270Cleopatra, and of course, Napolean passed by, too.

But what I love is a sculpture called The Gate of Faith by Daniel Kafri, placed high on the grassy promontory and set among gardens. It depicts Jacob’s Dream, the Sacrifice of Isaac and the Fall of Jericho. If you look very closely, it’s all there. On a scorching-hot day, I stand and savor the idea that God’s promise to the patriarchs– Abraham, Isaac and Jacob– came to pass in this very land and continues to this day.

May we all find and enter God’s gates placed before us-!

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