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The Grant Writing Gig…for Dummies Like Me

migraFoundations exist in order to give away money to good causes. Often, what they’re not upfront about saying is that they don’t want to give it away… to you or your cause.

I know of some very worthy non-profit organizations who could use some funds. Okay, lots of funds. They have big goals and big hearts. Occasionally, they require outside funding. So I offer to help with the grant writing process.

It’s not that easy.stack-of-forms

There are foundations that band together as part of a larger group which requires a standardized application form. This is helpful in the respect that those seeking funds may complete similar applications for a number of funders. Yet, they frequently come across and bare-bones and blah, taking up tons of time and asking for tons of information, for very little results.

security-signOther foundations exist who do not desire any unsolicited requests for funding. They are straightforward and honest: don’t contact us. Therefore, it becomes quite tempting to shoot them a line and let them know how wonderful your organization is, because to your way of thinking, to know you, would be to love you.

It rarely works that way.

And finally, the vast majority of funding foundations possess extremely narrow givingparameters. For example, they may enjoy assisting homeless refugees. It’s not until you scan their information for an hour or so that you come to the fact that they only fund refugees fleeing from ISIS, living in a specific refugee camp that has one toilet for 20,000 people, who have not enough rice for even one day and are exposed to life-threatening illness as well as crime on a minute-by-minute basis, discovering that they will fund only the purchase of say, yellow and orange polkadot umbrellas for said refugees, but only if you apply by November 25th of one year in order to receive funding by March 3rd of the next year when the rainy season will end if it’s a leap year but not if you exist only to meet such needs for you must be a well-rounded organization with additional non-profit interests just not as narrow as their focus but definitely not as wide as wanting to help anyone in need in said situations or circumstances.

Some want approaches by phone.  Some by e-mail.  Some by snail mail.

beggars-cupYou get the idea. It’s exhausting. Grant writing is a strange bird, even for those who do it all the time and know the secret formulas.

Why I offer to help is beyond me. But hope springs eternal for good causes.

Maybe it would be easier to stand on a street-corner with a signboard and a cup. Now there’s an idea….


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