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The Hazards of Homeschooling

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.38.19 PMToday, all of us discussed the spelling word “Commissariat” and the kids’ father maintained that it had to do with food supplies in the military.  Which is fine, except that in my opinion, the kids, all Russian, should also know the meaning in Russian, which referred to large governmental departments, or ministries, in the Soviet Union long ago.

“Has to do with food,” Benedetto insists.  “Think of soldiers going to the Commissary on base.”

“Alright, but consider the original meaning in Russian…” I thsuggest.

“Food supplies.  Military,” he stands his ground.

I, naturally, do not like to argue in front of the children.  However, the idea that a Russian word should not be examined at all in Russian, can only come from my Italian-American husband.

Stalin_02_ridotta_medium“No, that’s not the original meaning,” I demur.

“Does too.”

“Does not.” 

“Not always.”

“Does too.”

See how we model maturity for our multi-lingual teens? the_commissariat_of_enlightenment.large

I try again.

“If the kids traveled to Russia and they used the word Commissariat referring to food, the comrades would think they’re nuts.  Give them two definitions, why not?” I toss out from the other side of the kitchen.

“Whatever.  Look it up yourself, I’m giving you the dictionary definition,” he insists.  “Basta” (enough).

“I don’t have to look it up.  Why would I have to look it up?  I know what it means in Russian.  Do you think Commissariat is an English word?”

“We’re not talking Commissar.  We’re talking Com-mis-sar-i-at,” he speaks slowly in an effort to irritate me, which simply proves that he’s about to lose a point or two.

Dexheim-Commissary“Are you serious?  That’s your big distinction?”

“Why do you always have to be right?”

“Possibly because I am.  Do you see a trend emerging?”

“Whatever.  Kids, it has to do with food supplies.”


I’m so glad that our children could witness such a calm, rational, and highly-educated discourse between parents.  They must be better students because of it.

We might be on to the mystery of the missing maturity levels around here….

Keep in mind that homeschooling may be hazardous if undertaken in the home, and by parents who are slightly passionate about education.  So much for homeschooling being bland and only presenting one viewpoint of any subject.


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