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The Headache of Hurricane Prep

hurricaneBetter safe than sorry, they say. Yet, there’s always a part of me that wants to believe that no hurricane is coming closer than, oh, say, a continent away….

Hurricane Matthew is looking seriously bad. So, we pray and monitor the situation. Will it come close to the US?

Hurricane preparedness is a very real issue. Don’t ignore this and definitely don’t postpone it.

The general wisdom is, if you wait until there’s a real storm bearing down, it could be too late to buy plywood John Taylorto cover your windows, canned food for five days, at least three gallons of drinking water per person, batteries for a clock, radio and flashlight. You will need a full tank of gas for the car in case of mandatory evacuation and naturally, it’s best to leave before they make you, since the traffic backups might put you in harm’s way.

Don’t forget first aid supplies, dog food and water, and any medications. Store extra water for bathing purposes. Take important papers and rain gear, because anywhere there is a hurricane, there’s bound to be bands of heavy rain coming and going.

hurricane-preparedness_essentialsA few last tips: Know where your shelters are, which ones accept pets, and how to get out of town fast. Carry cash in case all credit card machines and ATMs shut down. Bring in lawn furniture, tables with umbrellas, the grill, potted plants and anything else that might be turned into a flying projectile.

And hopefully, you won’t need any of this advice-!


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